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The Breckenridge Institute® has developed two new on-line assessment tools based on the Breckenridge Enneagram™ model of personality:

Executive Coaching from Ignite Ireland

Executive Coaching for your Senior Management Team 

If your Company is ready for change, we're ready to facilitate and support that change. Many businesses look for success through 'tactical' change but there is a growing body of evidence to support the theory that real growth is more about personal development and adaptive change than it is about tactics. 

If you and your team are ready to embark on significant growth through personal development then Ignite has what it takes to facilitate your ambition. Our clients are happy to share details of their personal experiences of working with Ignite. You will hear stories of how they achieved significant change and advancement with the support of our coaching and facilitation.

partnerSimple things make a difference to the performance of teams at work such as the ability to communicate openly and honestly, to be authentic, to be able to conflict about issues without it becoming personal and to focus on results. Ignite coaching facilitates this type of potential in people and teams.

The most valuable resource in any business is its people. 'Manage people well they will do what the job requires, lead people well and they will do what they are capable of doing'.... usually well beyond what the job requires.

Leadership is the best way to leverage value from your investment in people and Coaching is the best way to maximise your Leadership potential.

We specialise in supporting and developing executives, managers and business leaders and their teams to become more successful in all that they do.

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"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens."

 Carl Jung

If you are interested in personal development, why not consider executive coaching? There is no better way to embark on an inward exploration.

We are living in an age when we all need to be psychologically self-employed so the need for facilitated personal development has never been greater. Personal Leadership is a critical success factor in the 'knowledge economy'.

We all posess potential beyond our current level of performance but at the same time an innate immunity to change! Coaching is recognised as the key enabler to change and personal development.



Team Development Programme 2008

"Nial is a highly experienced and skilful business coach. He is expert at working with senior management and executives to help guide their personal and team development. He was a great help in advancing our leadership at Celtrak."  

Padraig Kenny, 
CEO Celtrak